Why Travel with us

We are eco-tourism pioneers in China with advocacy of responsible travel practices. We also provide benefits to local communities by supporting them in preserving their culture, and utilizing local resources where practical.

We are also specialists in adventure tours and tailor-made travels in China. We always believed that the true idea of luxury is the experience – leaving behind the crowds, finding somewhere unique and beautiful, meeting people who inspire or move us through their way of life.

Many people may dream of experiencing the culture and wonders of the world but finally find it cumbersome to actually make that dream come true. While CAT could promise you that it may never happen due to our hard work. Once your decision is made, we would take care of all the arrangements from start to finish, only thing left for you is to enjoy the beauty of your life!

Wherever you choose to go, you can always receive best greetings and care from our team. Each holiday is led by one of our CAT tour professionals and accompanied by qualified and experienced local guides.

If you need more information about any practices of our adventures, we are happy to get us in touch. We can make tailor trips as per your own special requirements, so just come to us and we will make it your trip memorable.

Sincerely looking forward to travelling with you!
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